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About SWOB

SWOB Group Benefits Inc. is an insurance agency specializing in group benefit plans, group RRSP/DPSP programs and Registered Pension Plans (RPP). We have over 15 years of experience in the group benefits industry, and over 40 different group clients.

Our Philosophy:

We at SWOB believe that an educated client is a happy client. One of the fundamental components of our services is education, both for the business owner as well as the staff. We want our clients to understand how insurance rates are calculated,  how renewals are calculated, and how to take these factors into account when designing or modifying an employee benefit plan. We want the employees to understand how their actions can affect the costs of the plan. We want plan administrators and HR staff to understand how to manage the plan and explain it to new employees. By educating our clients we give them the tools they need to properly utilize and manage an employee benefit plan.

Our approach to the group benefits industry is service oriented. Too many companies think that it’s an agent’s sole responsibility to perform marketings of their plan and forward the renewal from the insurance company. We could not disagree more. Anyone can perform a marketing of your plan, or send you a copy of the renewal. We go further. As part of our services we do a complete review of your benefit plan, perform annual employee education sessions with your staff, negotiate every renewal, and ensure that training is provided for all plan administrators etc. For more on our services please see the section called Our Process.

Our History:

In October 2005 Shannon O’Brien moved back home to Winnipeg after living in Toronto for 10 years. When he returned he decided to open a Group Benefit consulting and brokerage firm and to that end, he purchased the group benefits portion of the business known as Sellors & Associates. In Aprl 2007 Shannon O’Brien took sole ownership of the group benefits division of Sellors & Associates. We have now been operating as SWOB Group Benefits Inc. since Feb. 1,2010. We no longer have any affiliation with company known as Sellors & Associates.

On Dec. 1, 2010 SWOB Group Benefits Inc. reocated to:
Suite 1 – 222 Osborne Street
Building A
Winnipeg, MB   R3L 1Z3

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